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Joining the Club - Future Tense

If you are a professional designer, art director, illustrator or aspiring design student then we would love to hear from you. Most of our postcard assignments require knowledge of the basic principles of graphic design. You should be highly familiar with elements of design such as: typography, layout, composition, color theory, concepting and illustration techniques. Not to mention various processes for production, software knowledge and craft for creating the postcards. Not only has it been great fun creating the postcards but also exciting collecting the postcards as well. This is your chance to get involved in a lost artform and a fun hobby. There is an opportunity to have your postcard art published in future proposals such as articles, newsletters and book publications if your work is selected. And many members show their finished designs in their portfolios.

Joining the club is easy:

  1. If you are interested in joining the club or receiving future notices about activities or updates, send an inquiry to [email protected]

  2. You can help with expenses for the club but it is not required to participate. If you have a website & would like to be included in future projects, all we ask is that you add a link to our website. If you would like to send a contribution to help cover expenses towards website hosting, maintenance fees and other office or mailing expenses feel free to include a check with your entry in any future projects. Again, this is not required but much appreciated.

  3. You will be added to the club roster and each round added to a list of mailing groups in our community (Approximately 7-10 members per group--you will only be required to mail within your group to keep postage and production fees low). You will be notified for the current or next round assignment and will be asked to confirm to participate that round. Early in a round, members will submit theme ideas and asked to vote on a theme. The theme and parameters will be sent to every member. If you fail to mail your postcards without notice then you are subject to suspension from participating in future rounds.

  4. Watch for updates on this Web site and when everyone has completed their round an electronic version (72 dpi jpg) of your card is requested to display on the Web site by your permission. Contact information and a blurb about your card is also requested.

  5. Mailing Policy - Please mail a copy of your card to your group members. A part of the CPC's fun experience is mailing and receiving the cards within your group. If you feel you will be unable to complete your card in a particular round, please notify me out of courtesy to your group early in the round to be removed from the group mailing list before members begin mailing. Updated lists will be sent out.

    On a trial basis beginning with R15 there will be an option to participate in an electronic e-mail mailing group or the traditional printed snail mail postcard.

  6. There are some expenses in participating in the club. You will be responsible for the costs in producing your cards and the postage to mail them. Remember--this is a hobby and like all hobbies should be fun for you to do and not laborious. Have FUN making and collecting postcards.