Letter from the Founder

Hello visitors. As a freelance designer and illustrator, I have found life to be a solitary world at times. Imagine working from your home or apartment all day with no one else around to interact with. Boredom soon gets the best of you. When projects are running slow and it seems all resources are tapped dry along comes a desperate act to search for a creative outlet and communicate with others. This happened one day in the Summer of 2000. I had this small idea to post an initiative in the on-line design forums to start a creative postcard club. You can read the original post and my concepts in the history section.

So--the Creative Postcard Club was born and has resulted in a fun hobby for me and other creatives from around the country and world. This idea has turned into a massive art project that has blossomed into this platform for the Web. Communicating with other artists from around the world via postcards has truly been a fun experience. The process of creativity that goes into creating the postcards breaks the monotony of my work schedule and now I have a small circle of postcard makers like myself to network with. What makes this challenging is the given assignment based on a theme that everyone must follow to some degree. This initiates conceptual thinking and problem-solving skills that you would ordinarily encounter with a client project--accept we are our own clients. We get to experiment in our creations. Somewhat of an oxymoron--though correspondence is done mostly electronically via e-mail, on-line forums and now our Web site the end product is sent through traditional snail mail.

As Founder of the Creative Postcard Club I declare a list of goals for the club and its members. I would like to see the CPC evolve into a larger but organized community set up in groups if need be. The members should take away with them a fun and unique experience after each round. I would also like to see some projects that would tackle social awareness issues--showing that design can have an effect on society. Maybe collaborating with other interest groups or clinics that would use the postcards as messages for their cause. Lastly, I would like to see the Creative Postcard Club involved in education and scholarship programs for the visual arts.

The first steps in meeting these goals is to first establish them.

Best Regards,

Travis N. Tom
Founder, Creative Postcard Club