R11--Series of 4 Stamp Designs Postcard (6.02)

The subject matter can be about anything you are interested in such as: Botanical, Sports, Arts, Theater, History, Historical Figures, Movie Stars, Games, Insects, Shells, Reptiles, Health Issues, Landscapes, Boats, Cars, Toys, Inventions and etc. You get the idea. The only stipulation is that all 4 stamps in the series must relate to each other in subject matter and the design style must be consistent. For example if you are using watercolors or scratchboard as your mediums then use these mediums for all 4 stamps. The stamp designs should stay away from using money symbols and postage fees since these are not commissioned by a government postal service. Instead think of the space as an opportunity to be creative with typography by titling your subject matter or theme. The stamps can vary as landscape or portrait formats with size varying as long as all 4 stamps fit on a 4"x6" postcard. The stamps can be larger (think 200%) than original size to show the design and details better. It's up to the designer if you want to show the dotted edge of the stamps. Think of a design and subject matter that you think philatelists (stamp collectors) would be interested in collecting.