R12 - A Wine Label Design Postcard (8.02)

Each CPC member has just purchased a winery and/or vineyard. The designer's first or last name must be used in the name for the wine--using winery, vineyard or other name to describe the wine itself or region (i.e. Travis Rivers, Tom's Vineyard, Tom Wineries, Travis Red and etc.). The wine label must be designed on a limited budget--only 3 pantone colors of the designer's choice are allowed for the project. Typography is stressed as an important element to the design along with creative layout and composition including the use of a logotype, icon, scanned images, illustration or photography. On a 4.25"x 6" sized postcard format the labels should be designed to original size. To authenticate the design of the label do research and find out what the normal design elements are used on a label. For example: does it show the ounces of the bottle, year, location and shows the type of wine such as Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Sauvignon and etc. Will the buyer or collector purchase your wine based on the label design and packaging?