R14 - A Calendar Design (12.02)

Design a calendar relating to your assigned month of the year. The theme will be open as a free-choice maybe showcasing your design style in a brochure spread, logos, web site design, illustrations and etc. Or you can interpret your month of the season with illustration, collage, mixed media and typography. This will be appropriate and fun because we can use these calendar designs for the entire year and keep them on our desks or refrigerators. The days and dates should be on a layer so they can be edited later for future calenders to be used for 2003 and 2004. Please refer to a 2003 calendar to get your dates correct. Use any layout and techniques for your typography (i.e. hand-lettered, digital, vertical and landscape formats). Be creative incorporating your type design whether it be in a conservative way or abstract way--but it must be legible. Use the dimensions of 4.5"w x5.25"h as portrait format to fit and stand upright in a CD jewel case. Use a .5" inch border from the bottom of your design for calendar type (do not place your calendar type below the .5 inch border)--your design may bleed to the bottom of the card.

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