R15 - A Music CD Cover (2.03)

A Music CD cover with you as the star. The album must have your portrait on it somewhere as an illustration, abstract collage or photograph. Nows the time to have fun with a photoshoot you've always dreamed of. Name the title of your album (think letterforms or logotype) and list "Featuring the #1 hit..." that is moving up the Billboard charts. The design should relate to the type of music genre you are in for instance: blues, pop, hip hop, jazz, country, alternative, rock, big band and so on. Are you a solo artist or are you the lead singer of a group? The cd print size should be 4"x4" on a regular 6"x4.25" postcard size. Use the extra space as a design element or leave it blank. If you are ambitious--create a logo for the record company producing your album.

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