R29 - HOW Business Annual (6.05)

This is a hypothetical project with permission from HOW Magazine. The challenge is to design the cover of the next HOW Magazine Business Annual. The focus should relate to 'Annual Reports' for a product for a main article inside. It can be for household items such as a toothbrush, blender or tv. An industrial product like a power drill, wrench or handsaw. Software and hardware products for a new laptop, printer or pda. The beverage industry for a new softdrink, bottled water or beer. The healthcare industry for a new wonder drug, wheelchair or stethoscope. The entertainment industry for snowboards, game devices or a hot new digital camera. You get the idea...now use your imagination. Your product and company should also be fictitious. You might choose to illustrate the product in a stylized manner. Or perhaps photography will be your solution. Don't forget that HOW Magazine has a new look as of a few issues ago. The logo spans the entire page with imagery that interacts with the mark. The design should have Business Annual 2005 on the cover in the black boxed area and include 'A Look at Annual Reports' as one of the bylines. Good luck and have fun art directing your first HOW Cover. Or is it it your second (CPC R9 HOW Self-Promotion Annual)?

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