Round 6--A Festival Poster Postcard (08.01)

Festival Poster--A mini poster promoting a festival in your region. Renaissance Fair, Midtown Music Festival, Dogwood Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, Arts Festival, Shakespeare in the Park, Symphony on the River and etc. The event can be an existing festival or use your imagination to promote a hypothetical festival that can be serious or a spoof. We would like to see the cards designed in a vertical format like that of a poster. The name of the event, the name of your city or town (location) and a date must be incorporated on the card. Be experimental and have fun. You are the creative director. For example: Shakespeare in the Park--Atlanta, Georgia--May 6-9, 2002. Illustration, photography and mixed media can be used to create the card. Have fun!. Submitted by Travis Tom.

Click on a group to view how each designer designed their festival postcard. The postcards will be added as each member submits their cards. The mailing deadline for this round is August 15th.

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