R7--World Peace Theme Postcard (09.01)

How about we create a postcard using non-traditional methods a.k.a you can't use your computer. Use a photocopier, cut out images, hand render the text. Try to go back to the "old school" to see what you can come up with (and get away from all those photoshop filters (yuck). That could be the subject for the card as well "old school design". I guess it could be any subject matter (look for theme below--World Peace) as long as everyone uses the same process. It would be interesting to see what everyone could come up with. (Submitted by Shawn Kavon). The designer is allowed to scan the final hand made piece to print from their inkjets or laserprinters as finished art. You may also color copy or photocopy your cards to duplicate. However, the card can not be fully designed with the aid of your computer or other software. All of the type must be hand done by paste-up (photo copies and print from publications cut and pasted with glue), rub down lino type or hand lettered. No scanning is permitted until the final piece is ready to scan. Illustration, collage and found objects is accepted. This should be fun--getting back to our pencils, pens, crayons, paint, glue and scissors. Xerography? Photo polaroid transfers? Woodcuts/Lino Press? Scratchboard? Watercolors? Crayon motif india ink?

Theme: WORLD PEACE I would like to add--In light of the current tragic events of 9/11/01--the theme will be to depict or envision a card that will promote World Peace. Your concept can relate to the recent attacks or could be broad and general in scope. I think everyone of us, whether you are a U.S. Citizen or from another country, is impacted by these events and here is a way to get your thoughts and emotions down on the postcard. The card must have the words World Peace somewhere on the postcard. This is how we, as designers and artists, can play our part in helping with this cause-getting the word out visually.

Click on a group to view how each designer designed their World Theme postcard. The postcards will be added as each member submits their cards. The mailing deadline for this round is October 15th.

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