R8--Holiday/New Year Postcard (12.01)

Click on a group to view how each designer designed their Holiday/New Year postcard. The postcards will be added as each member submits their cards. The mailing deadline for this round is December 15th-January 7th.

Round 8 Holiday/New Year Postcard (12.01)--2 theme ideas:

Idea 1: Essence of the Holiday--Look at the holiday you celebrate. Now get to essence of what that holiday means to you. Create a simplified symbol to represent your holiday, a logo of sorts. Your symbol should be the feature of your postcard. (submitted by Sara Morin)

Idea 2: Your Holiday or New Year postcard designed in the style of your favorite artist such as Davinci (Starry Night of santa on his sleigh), Degas, Warhol (repeated images of party horns in primary colors?), Harring, Picasso (an abstract cubist reindeer?), Vermeer (woman with champagne glass by window?), Monet and etc. (submitted by Travis Tom)

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